Shoes For Crews FAQs

Why is there a Voluntary Recall?

Q: Why is Shoes for Crews conducting this recall?

A: Through product testing, we recently learned that some of the safety toe footwear does not meet the requirements specified by the EU Certification Standard EN ISO 20345:2011. To ensure the safety of our customers, we are recalling the products.

Q: What was the problem with the product?

A: The Thermoplastic Safety Toe Cap failed in internal tests.  The failure may result in injuries to the wearer’s toes or foot.

Q: Which products are impacted?

A: Below is a list of the impacted styles. The style name and number can be found on the label under the tongue of the shoe.

Style Name                           Style Number

Alaskan II                                 5114

Aramis Black                           5231

Aramis White                          5131

Colt Lite                                   5057

Defense                                   5217

Guard                                      5216

Luigi Lite / Light White           5120

Luigi Lite / Light Black            5220

Mario Lite / Light Black          5221

Mario Lite / Light White         5121

Portos Black                           5230

Portos White                          5130

Triston Black                          5212

Triston White                         5112

Velocity II                                5219

Warrior Lite / Light                5058

Q: Are Steel Toe products impacted?      

A: No. The Amber, Cambridge and Executive Wing Tip are not affected. We have carried out additional testing to ensure that EU Certification Standard EN ISO 20345:2011 are met.

Q: Are Soft Toe products impacted?      

A: No. All of our Occupational Footwear as well as soft toe products are not affected

Q: What should I do with the product?

A: The shoe/boot must not be worn by you (or employees). The product needs to be returned to Shoes for Crews as per the return instructions and label within the notification pack.

Returning my product

Q: How do I return my current shoes?

A: Within your notification pack we have provided return instructions and a pre-paid return label with address. You will need to either take your product to a postal office, or arrange collection as detailed in the instructions. If you are unable to arrange collection, please call one of the numbers below. If your country is not listed, please click here to locate contact numbers by country.

•        Great Britain - +44(203)5149347
•        France - +33(1)76380250
•        Germany - +49(8038)9993001
•        Netherlands - +31(10)8080640

Q: I do not have the original box to return the shoes.  What do I do?

A: If you do not have the original box, you may use any box suitable for mailing to return the shoes to us.

Q: Do I need to pay for the return postage?

A: The return label we have provided includes the return postage.

Q: I have lost my return label or require an additional one, how do I go about this?

A: We can re-send a return label if lost or supply a new one.  To do this please email the request with your information and Customer Identified Number (if you have this) to

Q: I have purchased more than one pair, can I replace them both?

A: Yes, you can return more than one pair. We will replace all impacted products that are returned to us. For an extra label please email

Replacement Shoes

Q: How can I arrange delivery of new Shoes?

A: Upon registering as part of the recall, we will be in touch within 24 hours to provide remedy options available to you. You can also contact us once registered on one of the numbers below. If your country is not listed, please click here to locate contact numbers by country.

•        Great Britain - +44(203)5149347
•        France - +33(1)76380250
•        Germany - +49(8038)9993001
•        Netherlands - +31(10)8080640

Q: I like the shoes I have, when will this product be available again?

A: We are currently reviewing our options, but production using thermoplastic toe caps has been stopped. We will have replacement safety toe products with our patented slip resistant outsole technology as soon as we can redesign our shoes and boots to meet EU Certification Standard EN ISO 20345:2011. In the meantime, we will provide other certified safety toe products to our customers to help keep them safe.

Q: I only bought this product because of slip resistance. I don’t want an alternative style.

A: The Steel Toe products – Amber, Cambridge and Executive Wing Tip are not impacted and may be suitable. If you do not require a safety toe product, we have many styles, all with our patented slip resistance outsole technology. These can be viewed at

Should you have further questions about this recall please contact our Recall Customer Service line.