Shoes For Crews (Europe) Limited (SFCE) Voluntarily Recalls Safety Toe Shoes and Boots

Recall Summary: Shoes For Crews (Europe) Limited (SFCE) has initiated a voluntary product recall. The consumer product subject to the product recall is safety footwear with a toe cap that failed to meet standards under EN ISO 20345:2011. Consumers can return the recalled footwear and receive replacement certified safety toe product.

Products: Alaskan II/Alaskan 2; Aramis (black and white); Colt Light/Lite, Defense; Guard; Luigi Light/Lite (black and white); Mario Light/Lite (black and white); Portos (black and white); Triston (black and white); Velocity II/Velocity 2; Warrior Light/Lite.

Issue: The affected product has toe caps that failed to meet standards under EN ISO 20345:2011.

Remedy: Shoes for Crews will provide certified safety toe shoes or boots at no cost to consumers who return the affected styles.  Registration is required in order to receive replacement product.

Contacts: For more information and instructions on how to return product and receive replacement shoes or boots, please review our FAQ section. Should you have further questions about this recall please contact our Recall Customer Service line.  If your country is not listed below, then please click here to locate the contact number by country. Alternatively, you can email your enquiry to

  • Great Britain - +44(203)5149347
  • France - +33(1)76380250
  • Germany - +49(8038)9993001
  • Netherlands - +31(10)8080640

If you own any of our recalled products, please click the button below to register: